My sources for genealogical research are:

The church-books from Schleswig-Holstein

Baptismal records starting in about 1650
Marriage records starting in about 1650
Death registers starting in about 1700

Chronics of the villages and the cities

Various libraries in Schleswig-Holstein

The county archive in Schleswig = find something like e.g.

The tax-and-fee-list of the year 1867 = see what every house in S.-H. looks like
The census from the year 1803 ( it is the first )                                
The census lists from 1835, 1840, 1845, 1855, 1860/1864
Historical tax lists from the communities and the state ( e.g. of the year 1540 )

The census ( not 1803 ) could be helpful when you are at a dead end .These records list the surname , christian name and tell the age and how the various people in a household were related . For example : wife's mother, children .., husbands father . These records include everyone who lived in Schleswig-Holstein in the given year .

Are you are interested on old contracts of your ancestors?  If your ancestor ever made a contract, a copy of the contract is in this archives (registered on the same date as your ancestor signed it). 

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Last work on this side = 9.February 2004 by Hans-Peter Voss, Germany
Translation made by  Juergen P. Schultz, Canada in 2003