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Legal parameters for genealogical research
Here you find notes about the legal basis for genealogical research in Schleswig Holstein (applicable as well in other German states)

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My sources for genealogical research in Schleswig-Holstein
Here you can see which sources I am be able to use in my research. 

The old handwriting
An image of the ABC of the handwriting as it was used to write church records. Feel free to copy it, but please write a note into the guest-book.

Dithmarschen emigrants 1868-1920
Here you find about 3600 emigrants listed by surnames who departed between 1868-1920 from the district of Dithmarschen (Northern-Dithmarschen and Southern-Dithmarschen)

Rendsburg emigrants 1868-1884
Here you find 529 emigrants listed by surnames and also by places of origin, who left between 1868-1884 from the district of Rendsburg.

An example of an application for emigration
Here you can read such an application to Emigrate. Sometimes such applications list a lot of family-history.
A person wanting to emigrate to another country, e.g. USA or Brazil, had to file an application to surrender his citizenship. To move within Germany to another city or county, one had to file an application to leave. For Schleswig-Holstein, such applications are available at Landesarchiv Schleswig. Such documents exist for only about 10 percent of the emigrants; 90 percent of emigrants either never made an application or the document was lost. 
Advertisement: I offer to obtain a photo static copy of an application and sent it to you by airmail. The total costs are US$60.

The History of Schleswig Holstein
To understand the causes of the various wars and conflicts in Schleswig-Holstein, it is necessary to understand its political developments. The relationships between the various governing families and dynasties and their disputes and conflicts must also be explored. However, I am not a historian. I gleaned these historical data from a variety of sources. Therefore, the reader should not expect a detailed exploration of Schleswig-Holstein’s history; rather, I am outlining it in broad strokes only.

Historical maps
Here you find two online maps: Prussia within its borders of 1871 and the German Empire around 1530.

Photos of a few churches in Schleswig Holstein  
Here you find images of some churches and of the surrounding villages.

The Death in the jail and asylum in Glückstadt
Between the years 1787-1800 179 people perished in the prison or in the insane asylum of Glückstadt. They came from all over the duchies of Schleswig and  Holstein.

An old contract of my ancestor (about 1 minute to download)
In 1857 my ancestor HANS VOSS received a farm from his step-father. This is a scan of the first page of that contract.

The English translation of that contract
This is the translation of the first page of that contract

The AGGSH in Schleswig Holstein
The AGGSH is an informal association of historians and genealogists with these aims:
- jointly undertake intensive research of emigration from Schleswig-Holstein and to publish the results;
- transcribing the Schleswig-Holstein Census registers of 1769 to 1860 and to make them freely available as data banks;
- furthering German-Danish and German-American cooperation in the fields of historical and genealogical research;
- cultivating a close cooperation with the provincial, federal, church and regional archives to the extent that their records may be accessed within the framework of AGGSH projects.

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