Transfer-, Alimony- and Fief-Contract

between the married couple Hans Fehrs, cottager and his wife Anna Catharina Fehrs, nee Warnholz, residing at Liesbuettel and Hans Voss pertaining to a cottage and the land surrounding it.


Be it known to all men that on the date mentioned below this contract of transfer-, alimentation- and fief was agreed upon and carried out between the married couple Hans Fehrs, cottager, and Anna Catharina Fehrs, nee Warnholz, living in Liesbuettel, who hand over the cottage and Hans Voss who takes it. The contract is carefully considered and irrevocable.

The above mentioned couple Fehrs will transfer the following to the care of Hans Voss: Their entire movable and immovable assets which pertain to the cottage lot  No. 60b which belongs to the spouse Hans Fehrs and where the couple lives. It includes all the buildings situated on the property and all estate belonging to the cottage just as all other accessory parts and objects, including everything that is nailed or screwed down, also the lumber and the planks in the loft, and everything that is built, fenced in, bordered, dug in or buried, sown or not sown on the terrain. It includes, furthermore, anything the couple owned and used up to this date, or could and would use with all rights and obligations associated with all the livestock, the farm implements and all other objects belonging to the place. Furthermore, all the supply of grain, whether threshed or un-threshed, hay, straw, potatoes and any other fruit from field and garden; bacon and all other victuals including all the fertilizer, turf and firewood present on the property. And finally all other home and kitchen furnishings, bedclothes and linen, by whatever designation it may be known, as well as all outstanding claims.

All this will be passed on to the above mentioned Hans Voss, residing in Liesbuettel, being from now on the heir and proprietor . In lieu of any monetary compensation he shall fulfill the following duties:

(Not complete, only the 1st. page of 4 is online)

NOTE: The word "Alimony-Contract" is used in this translation because the original word in the German contract was "Alimentations-Contract". It means that this contract contains the agreement about the "necessities of life, e.g. food, shelter etc.". But that part is listed in the unpublished part of the contract. The original contract comprises four pages; only the first page is online. The German text of this contract is located at: If you are able to read German then please have a look at it and you get an impression of how hard it is to translate ancient documents into English.

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Updated on 26.September 2002 by Hans Peter Voss
Improvement of the former English translation in 2002 by Juergen P. Schultz, Canada