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Wednesday the 29.August 2001

Dear Hans-Peter,
Please accept my sincere appreciation for all the research that you have done on my Stuhr ancestors over the last year. Your success at finding my ancestors and the quality of your work has far exceeded my expectations. In my experience, your high level of accuracy, efficiency, thoroughness and professionalism are exemplary. You always did whatever was necessary to fulfill my requests for information and to answer my many questions, and you were always completely fair and honest in calculating the reasonable fees for your services. 
Please feel free to tell prospective clients that I happily give you the highest unqualified recommendation. It is my sincere hope that we will have a chance to work together again in the

Kindest regards,
Jon Miller PhD MBA
Foster City CA USA

Note: The research-results are online at : STÜHR family tree (click to reach that site)

Note: This recommendation was sent to the SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-ROOTSWEB-Mailinglist

To Joy and Fellow S-H Rooters:
Have been reading this list for several months and would like, now, to add my comment on this subject. From time to time, I have read many queries about our attempts to find a firm starting place for researching our S-H ancestors. Most of us have been left with so little to work with, regarding full names, dates and places for our German ancestors. Then, if we are fortunate enough to have some of these facts, we don't know how to find a solid resource in Germany for a "foothold".
I would like to share with you a very valuable resource that I have found in recent weeks --- one which has opened many doors, quickly, and the information is reliable. Other helpful rooters in the past have mentioned their positive experiences with this researcher in Germany, who specializes in researching most church/parish records in  Schleswig-Holstein. In my opinion, this important treasury of family data is a primary source for each of us. Here lies our family's chronologic history -- marriages, births, godparents, deaths, burials -- for generations. These records do not report "census" records or legal records; but, you will have a great start on family story.
I will tell you that this man is quite busy, but I also found him to be prompt with his responses and precise with his translation of these old records. His pricing schedule is reasonable, and I am so pleased with his results in finding our "previously elusive" ancestor that I have given him a second assignment. Believe me, the cost of his services are well worth the investment.
I DO NOT have any personal interest in his business, but I DO now have personal experience and I encourage any of you who are floundering like I was, to consider this approach to your dilemma. He is a frequent contributor to this list and you may contact him at this address: 
Happy Hunting to all of you, and thanks for all the information and hope this list shares. I will be happy to exchange with you privately, regarding my experience with this effort.

Judith Lohmann            E-mail: Judith Lohmann

As an Iowan of German descent I am writing to recommend Hans-Peter Voss for genealogical research in Germany. Mr. Voss, who lives near Hamburg, has conducted research for me in Schleswig-Holstein. His work is both  thorough and accurate. For example, he uncovered information related to specific events known to me that were recounted orally in my family but about which he knew nothing. He used primary documents in his research, and regularly reported his findings to me by e-mail, summarizing each document in German and in English.
He also made photo copies of any of the original documents available to me for a small added cost. He kept me informed throughout the research process, frequently asking if I had questions about what I received from him, and inviting me to direct or redirect his search based on his findings and according to my interests.
Mr. Voss' fees are reasonable. Having done historical research myself, both as a former university professor and as a genealogist, I appreciate the time and care required for successful research. Moreover, the old German script is very hard to read and often on faded documents. He will clearly state his fees and answer any questions regarding them. He will work with a client to determine appropriate and efficient methods of payment.
I knew very little about my paternal roots as my grandparents severed almost all contact with their families when they came to America and Iowa in the 1860's. So far Mr. Voss has traced the families back to the early 1700's. I expect to continue to use his services. He may be reached through the Internet at the following sites, or I can provide a surface mail address for those who do not use the Internet. I welcome any questions about the work Mr. Voss has done for me.

His homepage is

With best wishes,
Bob Engel, Iowa City

I was very pleased with research Mr. Voss completed for me in the month of August 1999. He was very prompt with any questions which I had and the information he found for me was very complete. I would recommend his services.

Betty J. Burzlaff

Dear Mr. Voss,
Your recent research on my family lines in Schleswig-Holstein, has proved very popular here in Australia, and I wish to thank you once again, for such good work. I have passed on your name to a number of friends, who no doubt will contact you soon, as a very thorough recommended researcher in Schleswig-Holstein. Your presentation and skills are sincerely appreciated, and I intend to push on a bit further in the New Year, and will contact you in this regard, soon.
Wishing you a Very Merry Xmas, and a Bright and Prosperous New Year, 2000.

Shirley Tolland

Your research on my Schleswig Holstein ancestors was done with utmost professional attention to genealogical practices and quickly performed. It would have been nearly impossible for me to accomplish the same thing in ten years of my own research. You have a fine network of S-H resources and experiences to draw from and provide exceptionally economical data.
If anyone wants me to vouch for your abilities, have them email me and I will be delighted in replying to their questions.

 Gerry Grimm                  E-mail: Gerry Grimm

Hello Hans Peter:
I was most happy with the information you supplied me about my family from the Dithmarschen/Wilster area. You work quickly and at very little cost. I could never have traveled to Germany for the cost of the research. I also would have had a language problem as I cannot read German that well and especially could not read the old German script which many of the records are probably written. I also get the feeling from your correspondence that you could be considered a good friend. 


Hans Peter Voß of Steenfeld in Germany has done two research assignments for me over the last few months. I want to report to all of you that his fees are quite reasonable and his work is outstanding. He has developed my line back three generations and has filled out my family tree with many siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins - dozens of people. Interesting information that he has provided from the church records include occupation, locations/dates of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial. I have also learned that one of my line was born 78 ays after his parents were married! There are many interesting tidbits in these church records. Another very interesting item also is the names and locations of Godfathers/mothers. Sometimes they open doors to your line as they may be grandparents! He also has access to census records and many other sources.
But, back to the subject, Herr Voß does outstanding work, has reasonable fees, is prompt, and is very helpful, kind and patient. I am a good test for someone who is patient!!
A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to Herr Voß and to all of you.

 Ruffin Cooper in Maryland :)

For anyone looking for a German Researcher, I have hired Mr. Voss for 3 ancestor search assignments in Schleswig-Holstein in the last two months and he has done an outstanding job. His fees are very reasonable for the results of the searches and he is very prompt and thorough. Thru church records he has traced the paternal line of my great great grandfather back to the 1600s and the maternal line back to the 1700s. Whatever is available thru the church records, he gives you. This includes occupations, birth dates and locations; baptismal dates, locations, godparents and where they were from; marriage dates and locations; second marriage dates; death and burial dates and locations. I understand he has other resources available for searches also. If anyone cares to mail me privately for more info, please do.
Seasons Greetings to everyone.

Lynda in Illinois   E-mail: Lynda

For the past year, it has been my pleasure to have Hans-Peter Voss conduct on-site research on my behalf. The relationship began when I posted a message to SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN ROOTS-D Digest requesting information on my VOSS ancestors who resided in Rendsburg-Eckernförde prior to immigration in 1868. Hans-Peter responded with information about a distant cousin in Kiel whose husband's distant ancestors included a VOSS. As a result, I have now made contact with a 3rd cousin 1 time removed!
At my request, Hans-Peter has conducted research throughout Rendsburg-Eckernförde with excellent results. His research and translations skills have proven to be thorough and correct. My experience and coupled with his many inputs to the SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-ROOTS-D Digest have made me a true proponent of Hans-Peter's work. 

Bill Foss

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