Effective since 1. October 2012

Fee Schedule for personal research assignments.

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Basically, we charge for our time, for fees incurred and for our travel expenses.

Please request an offer by eMail

General business conditions

An advance payment of not less than US$ 200. is requested 

Payment will also be required if our research is not successful !

After you have received my invoice for the research, I ask you to forward a regular bank check (personal check) via airmail as payment.

I M P O R T A N T :  After I have received your final payment, I send the report within 15 up to 20 days.

Alternate Tariff

Instead of an hourly charge we are prepared to bill you based on the results of our research. 

Please request an offer by eMail

This alternate tariff is only applicable pending our written agreement before the assignment is undertaken. See at the general business conditions too!

Research in other archives:

Research in the Provincial Archives of Schleswig:

Please request an offer by eMail

Research in the Provincial Library in Kiel

Please request an offer by eMail


We prepare copies of documents in your possession.

Please request an offer by eMail

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For additional information e-mail: Hans-Peter.Voss@t-online.de

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My postal address:

Hans Peter Voss
An de Marsch 6
25557 Steenfeld

Tel.: (Germany)-4872-942109 (between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. M. European Time)

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Latest update in 2012 on September 27.

Translation by Juergen P. Schultz, Canada, in November 2003